Gimme Five: She

Most rock is made by a “he”, so “she” comes up a lot as a foil, some more blunt than others.  Here’s five of my favorite examples: 1. “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, The Police I know that funerals aren’t supposed to be entertaining, but I really love this song, and it is […]

Gimme Five: The Overwrought

A definition, if you will: O-ver-wrought (oh-ver-rawt), adj. 1. extremely or excessively excited or agitated: to becomeoverwrought on hearing bad news; an overwrought personality.  – 2. elaborated to excess; excessively complex or ornate: writtenin a florid, overwrought style.  – 3. Archaic . wearied or exhausted by overwork. – It’s the old definition that best describes these songs.  Beautiful?  Sure.  Enough is enough, though.  And these songs have finally tipped the scales…

The Pirate George Advent Calendar: Day Thirteen – Gimme 5: British Christmas Traditions

(Note: this day is dedicated to John Sewell (the one in England.  I have two…), in thanks for letting me bug him about cultural topics.  And for not having me assassinated for calling him Johnny Seaweed.  Thanks, John, for great musical introductions, superfluous “u”‘s, and tolerance.  Happy Christmas.) 1. The Ashen Faggot Yes, you can say it out loud; […]