[Please note: this conceit is totally ripped off from the finest minds of the Internet, Every Day Should Be Saturday.  Please read them often.]

In our essay, “The Pirate George Advent Calendar: Day Six”, we described the guitar sounds of David Bowie’s “Heroes” as “Adrian Belew squonk.”  The guitarist on that song was actually Robert Fripp.  We regret the error.

The names of Arthur Brown’s cats were listed as Hesherpuff and Prissyfist in our lifestyles feature, “LSD:ASPCA”.  Those are actually the names  of the unicorns that live in Brown’s left and right ear, respectively.  His cats are named Frank and Beans.  We regret the error. Continue reading “Corrections”

Saluting The 2010 Grammy Nominees

Nobody cares about the Grammy Awards, right?  Or Tonys, or Ocsars, or Peabodys even?  I’m sure these sort of media awards mean something to someone.  My true love is music, though, and the Grammys are usually the worst of them all in terms of artistic merit being a factor; yes, Eminiem has an Oscar, but that’s more an exception and not a rule.  Not so much for the near farcical Grammys.  I’ve given my own awards to some of this year’s nominees. Continue reading “Saluting The 2010 Grammy Nominees”