Letters Of Note: 7/12/2016

Birthday Power Quartet Of The Day Ray Gillen(1960, Black Sabbath?) on vocals, Eric Carr(1950, KISS?)on drums, John Petrucci(1967, Dream Theater) on guitar, and Philip Kramer(1952, Iron Butterfly & various attempts to discredit Einstein) on bass. For the obvious reasons, and because I weirdly want these guys to have fun, I’m gonna have them play “Wild […]

Letters Of Note: 6/7/2016

Birthday Power Quartet Of The Day: Eric Kretz(1966, Stone Temple Pilots) on drums, Leopold Auer(1845, classical musician) on violin, Prince(1958, various funky scenarios) on guitar/bass guitar, and Tom Jones(1940, Used Panty Wholesale Warehouse) on vocals. This will work, but not without its kinks. Prince is no stranger to overdubbing parts, but for the song I’ve […]

Letters Of Note: 6/6/2016

Birthday Power Quartet Of The Day: Jeremy Gara(1978, Arcade Fire) on drums, Tom Araya(1961, Slayer) on bass guitar and vocals, and Steve Vai(1960, various spankings and guitar stunts) and Clarence White(1944, mainly The Byrds but tons of important studio work) on guitar. Honestly, Araya might not be up for this, and Gara might not be […]

Letters Of Note: 5/30/2016

Birthday Power Quintet Of The Day: Nicky Headon(1955, The Clash) on drums, Geoffery Lyall(1949, aka Klaus Flouride of The Dead Kennedys) on bass, Jen Carney(ageless/timeless, The Mod, Mod Music Hour, The Vinyl District) on piano, Stephen Malkmus(1966, Pavement) on guitar and lead vocals, and Wynonna Judd(1964, The Judds) on backing vocals. This will work! They’re gonna […]

Letters Of Note: 5/26/2016

Birthday Power Sextet Of The Day: Jackie Liebesit(1939, Can) and Levon Helm(1940, The Band) on drums, Mick Ronson(1946, most of the successful British talents with highly questionable sexuality) on guitar, Verden Allen(1944, Mott The Hopple) on keyboards, Vernon Allen(1915, various jazz ensembles) on bass, and Lauryn Hill(1975, The Fugees) on vocals. As long as Lauryn […]

Letters Of Note: 5/19/2016

Birthday Power Quintet Of The Day: Jane Wielden(1958, The Go-Go’s) on guitar; Steve Currie(1947, T-Rex) on bass; and vocalists Joe Cocker(1944), Cher(1946), and Trevor George Smith, Jr., aka Busta Rhymes(1972, Leaders Of The New School). This will work. This will work! And I’m gonna make them do a cover of “Talk Dirty To Me,” by […]

Letters Of Note:5/17/2016

Birthday Power Quartet Of The Day: Jim Moginie(1956, Midnight Oil mainly but try his weirdo album, The Blessing, he made with some flute player named Andy Richardson that goes by “Howlin’ Wind”…I know, just try it) on guitar, Mark Mothersbaugh(1950, Devo) on drum machine/mechanical percussion, Martika(1969, Kids Incorporated), and Rick Wakeman(1949, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe) […]

Letters Of Note:5/16/2016

Birthday Power Trio Of The Day: Robert Fripp(1946, of various fames) on guitar, Krist Novoselic(1965, of Nirvana) on bass, and Billy Cobham(1944, associated with various funky people, but my heart wants to remind you that he played on the Shaft soundtrack) on drums. This would work! Maybe! If no one’s egos clashed! Maybe not! Damn […]