Cold Gin Time Opening Credits

BACKGROUND MUSIC: Paul Stanley’s “Live to Win”

SCENE:  Camera pans from left to right, revealing Paul Stanley in full “Starchild” regalia and Kent Caudle in black Chuck Taylors, black slacks, and white t-shirt with large black “fortissimo” graphic, sitting on a bench by a city park trail; heat rises from the sidewalk.

CUT TO: Caudle and Stanley looking at wristwatches simultaneously, then looking at each other, smiling

CUT TO:  Caudle throwing a Frisbee toward a waiting Golden Retriever

CUT TO:  Stanley shooting the flying Frisbee with a cartoonish laser emanating from the head of his custom silver-glitter Washburn

CUT TO: Golden Retriever with copy of the album, Paul Stanley, in its mouth

CUT TO:  Caudle playing a tuba next to a balloon vendor, a semi-circle of kids sitting Indian style in front of him

CUT TO: Stanley, looking quizzically at scene, head cocked to side, tapping finger on his chin

CUT TO: Caudle playing tuba, now in KISS-esque makeup, blood trickling from corners of his mouth.  Fire shoots from bell of tuba, popping balloons

CUT TO: Faces of sitting children (all races, sexes, and ability levels repersented, including wheelchair bound) with cartoon swirls for eyes, obviously hypnotized

CUT TO:  Stanley grinning, putting both thumbs up

CUT TO: Caudle and Stanley approaching “proper” woman on park sidewalk pushing blue baby stroller.  Caudle points into the stroller, asks with a nod and a shrug if he can peek inside.  “Proper” woman nods in approval

CUT TO: view of stroller interior; light blue fleece blanket with sleeping stars and crescent moons graphic is pulled back, revealing bottles of different brands of gin, limes, a bucket of ice, old-fashioned seltzer bottles, and various bar accouterments

CUT TO: Caudle and Stanley hovering over stroller, high-fiving each other


VOICE OVER, Paul Stanley concert intro voice: “I heard some of you like…”

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