Congratulations, Grammy Winners!

The Pirate George Letters would like to congratulate two new members of the Grammy family.  It’s incredible to think that these artisis are celebrating their first Grammy victories.

No time for losers!

Neil Young received his first Grammy in the catagory, “Most Water-Volume Displacement by a Box Set or Special Package”.  Mr. Young could not be reached for a comment on this momentous occasion, because he was too busy making music that is higher in quality that 80% of the people who have ever won a Grammy.

Judas Preist also received their first Grammy, for the version of “Dissidant Aggressor” that appeared in the musical, Missy’s Prissy Hissyfit.  Rob Halford, wearing a stunning leather Bob Mackie creation, said “Sorry, Megadeth, but it was our turn.  Good luck in ten years.  Try re-releasing Rust In Piece.”

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