The Pirate George Advent Calendar: Day Sixteen

To those who celebrate, The Pirate George Letters wishes you a merry Christmas, be it traditional…

…or not so traditional.

I’ve always said that my favorite traditional Christmas song is “Oh Holy Night”, but technically it’s probably Gaudete.  Do you have a song that, when it comes on the radio or on the PA of a grocery store, you can’t help but to sing along to?  This is my song.  If anyone on Planet Earth ever played Steeleye Span on the radio.

My favorite non-traditional Christmas song is, easily, the “Blue Christmas” arrangement from Brian Wilson.  It’s beautiful enough, and then suddenly the melody of “Rhapsody In Blue” provides the counter melody to “Blue Christmas”.  What a sandbox!

Note: the influence of Steeleye Span on how I listen to and how I love music is terribly important.  It’s good to have balance.  Just ask Divine Dave.

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