The Pirate George Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

[Note: The Pirate George has been beset with illness today.  In lieu of his illness, please watch the most innappropriate Christmas song ever put to voice and video.  Not suitable for any situation whatsoever(NSFASW)]

[Related: The Pirate George does not condone any action described in this video, nor does he condone any smell smelling like the smells described in this video.  The Pirate George Letters claims no responsibility for emotional trauma inflicted from this video, nor does it claim responsibility for any physical ailments  including, but not limited to, the following: nausea, vomiting, dizziness,  triskadecaphobia, night terrors, erectile dysfunction, priapism(penile or clitoral), disco fever, colorectal cramps, or heebee-jeebies]

One thought on “The Pirate George Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

  1. For a while now, I’ve had the notion that modern society is making everyone a little insane, some more than others. Just when I think that maybe that’s not the case, a video like this pops up and confirms that MODERN SOCIETY IS DRIVING PEOPLE FUCKING INSANE.

    Having said that, I might just be humming this tune all day.

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