A Brief Note Pertaining to Valentine’s Day

Me and my partner are in bed.  It’s the first night we met.  We hit it off instantly because we felt like we didn’t belong in the bar we were in; didn’t belong to cliques, didn’t partake in the stereotypical things that “being gay” sometimes forces you to do to meet people.  When I got to his house, I saw he had a nice Kenwood stereo system, big speakers and a five-cd changer.  We hadn’t talked much about music, other than the fact that I studied classical music, but when he fired it up for the first time and Out Of The Blue came on, I thought it was a good sign.


Anyway, there we are in bed, sinking into that awesome after-sex sleepiness.  I hear the whir and the click of the cd changer engage; what would the Random Music Gods pick for this moment?  “Believe”, by Cher.

I didn’t leave.  Almost 14 years now.  Love is weird.

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