Letters Of Note: 5/19/2016

Birthday Power Quintet Of The Day:

Jane Wielden(1958, The Go-Go’s) on guitar; Steve Currie(1947, T-Rex) on bass; and vocalists Joe Cocker(1944), Cher(1946), and Trevor George Smith, Jr., aka Busta Rhymes(1972, Leaders Of The New School).

This will work. This will work! And I’m gonna make them do a cover of “Talk Dirty To Me,” by Poison.

No no no, don’t go! Just think about it for a second: Cher and Cocker trading versus and harmonizing in the chorus, an extended verse for Busta to rhyme over, Weilden and Currie doing an almost pop-punk, churning backing… can you see it now? Holy shit this will work!


Head Nodders While I Cooked Banchan In My Goddamed Underwear And T-Shirt Of The Day:


Straight Underoos, Son:

Squeezing They Spinach, Mayne:



Also Born Today: Pete Townshend

As corny as it sounds, it was actually impactful to me to hear him, in the VH1 commercial I looked to post but could not find, say out loud that he wanted to fuck a man(the man, in this case, being a Twist-ing Mick Jaggar).

Happy birthday, you old bugger. In lieu of that commercial, here’s the next best tribute for him: a video in which Roger Daltrey is reduced to doing nothing but looking like he’s a costume change away from knife-fighting the Kwisatz Haderach:



3 thoughts on “Letters Of Note: 5/19/2016

  1. Re: Power Quintet: It took me some days to ruminate upon this, but yeah, I think it will work. Does Joe Cocker still flail? Honestly, I wasn’t sure he was still alive, but knowing he is I can see some flailing still going on. Unless he’s incredibly obese. Steve Currie, that’s a nice one. Does he still play? Is he incredibly obese or blind? That could cause some trouble. We all know that Cher is a cyborg, so she’d do just fine (even though she’s 70 in Earth years… but wait, Joe Cocker’s like 200, right? Cyborgs don’t get incredibly obese, so she’s good with some flailing or whatever). Jane Wiedlen is, in fact, a fairy or sprite and would not, because of magic, ever become obese or blind. And her voice will last forever, so there’s that. And Busta, well, I’m afraid that when he walks on stage mid-song and begins his rappy bits, many people are either gonna not know who he is or be surprised that he’s still making music. I don’t think he’s obese or blind, but if he is, that could actually help him be noticed. Am I out of touch or do younger people probably not know or care about Busta? I mean, I don’t want that to be the case but I’m afraid it is. Remember ‘Chunky A’? That was Arsenio Hall pretending to be an obese rapper. People noticed him.

  2. Re: Pete Townshend: 1) Thank Christ that Eduardo Montenegro re-edited this video in 2015. I was worried. 2) I remember that VH1 ad very well. I remember thinking it was really funny and proof that Pete was swishy. In retrospect, I realize that he could have just been saying that, but deep down I’ve always wanted Pete to be a bisexual or homosexual to show the world that who gives a shit? Rock and Roll is about fucking, and if you’re a dude that wants to fuck Mick Jagger (back then, maybe not (but maybe even) now), you’re just being truthful. 3) But Roger has his guitar! Wait, are there even strings on it?

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