Letters Of Note: 5/30/2016

Birthday Power Quintet Of The Day:

Nicky Headon(1955, The Clash) on drums, Geoffery Lyall(1949, aka Klaus Flouride of The Dead Kennedys) on bass, Jen Carney(ageless/timeless, The Mod, Mod Music Hour, The Vinyl District) on piano, Stephen Malkmus(1966, Pavement) on guitar and lead vocals, and Wynonna Judd(1964, The Judds) on backing vocals.

This will work! They’re gonna play my fave rave song from Exile on Main Street, “Loving Cup”, and it’s gonna be sloppy and great. I do wonder how long it will take for Wynonna to loosen up, but I have no doubt that she would eventually.

{Note: my caveat to this daily Romper-Room writing conceit is that I go with my gut on the first instinct I have for the band/song and not put too much thought in it. Admittingly, my first choice was to replace Malkmus with Tom Morello, Wynonna with Cee-Lo Green, and have the band do a “modern” cover of Clash’s “Rock The Casbah.” I know and love Jen Carney though and couldn’t subject her to Cee-Lo in a confined rehearsal space, even though it exists as a complete fantasy. Anyhoo, the choice I went with would be fucking bangin’. Happy birthday, lady.}


Memorial Day Remembrances Of Three People That Didn’t Ditch Out On Service Like Chickenshit Ted Nugent:

Howlin’ Wolf(d. 1976)

Jimi Hendrix(d. 1970)

John Coltrane(d. 1967)


Also Served, Also Dead: Elvis Presley

I wanted to post The Fakest Moment From An Elvis Presley Movie, and even though it’s an exhausting contest to have to judge, I think this is our winner: “Bossa Nova Baby”, from Fun In Acapulco.

FAKE! – The sound of dancing feet!

FAKER! – The King’s lame attempt of pretending to play the organ fill!

FAKEST! – Elvis never left Hollywood while the entirety of the rest of the cast was actually in the titular city, to keep sure he wasn’t killed my Mexican Mafia members for 1) not accepting a blank check to play at a Quinceañera and 2)inciting a national riot when a fake bit of gossip ran in a Mexican paper, claiming that Elvis said he would rather kiss black women than Mexican women.


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