Letters Of Note: 6/7/2016

Birthday Power Quartet Of The Day:

Eric Kretz(1966, Stone Temple Pilots) on drums, Leopold Auer(1845, classical musician) on violin, Prince(1958, various funky scenarios) on guitar/bass guitar, and Tom Jones(1940, Used Panty Wholesale Warehouse) on vocals.

This will work, but not without its kinks. Prince is no stranger to overdubbing parts, but for the song I’ve chosen, Frank Zappa’s “Willie The Pimp”, I’m not sure how he’s gonna handle it; it would make much more sense as an ensemble if he played the bass live and added his guitar parts later, but Maestro Auer is, even though he won’t be able to keep up with Prince and Tom Jones in the puss-hound storytelling downtimes, gonna fucking murder his extended violin solo so much that Jean-Luc Ponty would immediately surrender(ok, maybe not such a great feat among the French). Prince is gonna either want to feed off that energy or be there live with his ax to cram his talent in Auer’s Hungarian mug. I only hope Tom Jones can pull off the sleaziness, it’ll kick ass.


Happy Birthday, Iggy Azalea:



We Hate The Music You Like, Small Town America Edition:

It was announced today that “country” “superstar” Luke Bryan would be playing a concert this year in the little town of Prairie Grove, AR, not too far from where I live, as part of his “Farm Tour” of small country towns across America. I note or two: one, his current album has fifteen different writers on it, down from twenty on the previous album. I don’t care for Beyonce either, but that’s not a good look for a country boy. Two, I live roughly 20 miles from the “small town America” venue he’s playing at, and I’ve been listening to the Sodom catalog today:



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