Intro for a Riding Crop

Welcome to The Pirate George Letters.  Let’s talk Eurythmics for a sec. . .


Whatever else you may read here, know that my first influence was Annie Lennox’s riding-crop-spanked-androgo-synth.  To think that a butch lady with a red flat top, probably a cyborg, could sing about (with the robots from Herbie Handcock’s “Rockit” video as backup band) love.  If that’s the case, than we can all love somebody. 

 probably needs some dicipline. . .

I would love to say that my real influence was AC/DC, Swans, Portishead; all who I love.  Not true, though.  The first time I got music for myself, it was Touch.  I can still smell the cellophane, feel the bubble headphones pinching my temples.  Fists colliding with furniture.


The Pirate George Letters are about celebrating what is important, no matter how arbitrary it might seem.  The truth is that nothing is arbitrary.  Not keeping a dollar bill just because.  Nothing.  We are all influenced by whatever gets to us first.  I’ll be keeping track.


Tkanks, Annie.

Thank you, little boy
Thank you, little boy

2 thoughts on “Intro for a Riding Crop

  1. Going way back here…

    The first album I ever had that was actually mine all mine was a cassette of Permanent Waves by Rush. Not a startling revelation to you (or anyone), I’m sure, but perhaps worth putting down on public record. My first musical love was Kiss (when I was like 4 years old), but those were my brother’s records. That Rush tape became my dominant musical influence for years to come and still defines a large part of what I love today. I think my next tape was In 3-D by Weird Al. No comment on that.

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