A Brief Note Pertaining to The Soundtrack of A Hilarious Clerical Error

So, long story short: I’m handcuffed in the back of a patrol car and the officer puts on the local Classic Rock Radio station.  And, being a Tuesday, federal law dictates that it is a Two-fer Tuesday on every Classic Rock Radio station in America.

We’ve been having a friendly conversation, but whenever a song the officer likes comes on, he turns up the radio just a bit.  It’s been a mixed bag of rockers and duds, as per Classic Rock Radio usual.

But when the double dose of THE POLICE comes on, he turns it up juuuuust a bit more than usual.  Is it because he really likes them?  Is it because he knows that this is just some weird mistake and I am cool enough to find the humor in the situation?  Regardless, well played, sir.  Well played.

They announced a block of Judas Priest right before I left.  If they would have played “Breaking The Law”, I have a feeling we would have disturbed the neighbors with the radio and I would have choked to death trying not to laugh.

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