Letters Of Note:5/16/2016

Birthday Power Trio Of The Day:

Robert Fripp(1946, of various fames) on guitar, Krist Novoselic(1965, of Nirvana) on bass, and Billy Cobham(1944, associated with various funky people, but my heart wants to remind you that he played on the Shaft soundtrack) on drums.

This would work! Maybe! If no one’s egos clashed! Maybe not! Damn it!

What would I want to hear, though? A 14-minute-long version of some track from In Rainbows turned into a space jazz feature. Any track would probably work.


We Hate The Music You Like, Algorithm Edition:

Google thinks I would like “What Part Of Forever,” by CeeLo Green…

This selection must be from listening to Outcast, Dungeon Family, and Gnarls Barkley this past week, but damn. Even coming out of the “get some hot people to make a ‘music inspired by’ album or something who cares” era of soundtrack recording, this is too poppy and aloof for me. Vampires live forever, yeah yeah…


We Like This, Though:

You can’t tell me the world’s sad boy vampires don’t prefer this. It’s pitch-prefect European dour heartbreak. Your Lost Boys reboot has a raging boner right now.



One thought on “Letters Of Note:5/16/2016

  1. Re: Power Trio: That combo would be pretty amazing, but I think Fripp would freak the others out with his soft-spoken serial killer demeanor. Don’t know much about Billy Cobham personally, but why do I think he’d be behind the drums snorting lines of coke and sweating profusely, trying to get Robert to ‘just jam’ instead of trying to work out an extremely complicated figure in a more extremely complicated time signature? Novoselic would probably just be standing around trying to make sense of it all. Dunno. Faust ARP would sound pretty goddamn amazing by these guys, though.

    Re: Cee-Lo: Sorry to sound like a dick, but music that sounds like this makes me wanna hit the mute button on my TV remote cos I know it’s playing over a shitty commercial on Hulu.

    Re: Twin Shadow: Definitely better for the vampire boys out there. Even though I tend to have little interest anymore in new stuff that might have been called ‘Indie Rock’ at one time (what the hell does anybody call it now? No clue), I’ve gotta admit, this is pretty good. Especially the last few minutes. Then again, what do I know? Lately I’ve been stuck in 1973, 1995, and 2003 musically, so whatever. So yes, turgid Prog, post-Grunge squeedly-dee and Nu-Indie Heyday have been my jams. I FEEL OLD.

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