Two Flumes

I should start with some words from Uncle Frank:

The Ultimate Rule ought to be: “If it sounds GOOD to YOU, it’s bitchen; and if it sounds BAD to YOU, it’s shitty.”  . . .

On a record, the overall timbre of the piece (determined by equalization of individual parts and their proportions in the mix) tells you, in a subtle way, WHAT the song is about.  The orchestration provides important information about what the composition IS and, in some instances, assumes a greater importance than the composition itself.

     — Frank Zappa, The Real Frank Zappa Book

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Congratulations, Grammy Winners!

The Pirate George Letters would like to congratulate two new members of the Grammy family.  It’s incredible to think that these artisis are celebrating their first Grammy victories. Neil Young received his first Grammy in the catagory, “Most Water-Volume Displacement by a Box Set or Special Package”.  Mr. Young could not be reached for a […]