Letters Of Note: 5/23/2016

Birthday Power Trio Of The Day: Albert Bouchard(1947, Blue Oyster Cult) on drums, Guy Fletcher(1960, mostly notable with Dire Straits) on keyboards, and Patti Labelle(1944, cocaine and soul food) on vocals. Patti’s gonna want to have her way, and I’m not gonna stop her. No funny business here; those other two guys are just there […]

A Brief Note Pertaining To Vomit

Please note that I’ve puked to the point that all the muscles in my neck are strained, too much so to comfortably look at the laptop. Your long-form will appear after another edit, this weekend. Did Lemmy’s neck feel like this from the posture he sang in? Is this why he was always drunk/ is […]

Letters Of Note: 5/19/2016

Birthday Power Quintet Of The Day: Jane Wielden(1958, The Go-Go’s) on guitar; Steve Currie(1947, T-Rex) on bass; and vocalists Joe Cocker(1944), Cher(1946), and Trevor George Smith, Jr., aka Busta Rhymes(1972, Leaders Of The New School). This will work. This will work! And I’m gonna make them do a cover of “Talk Dirty To Me,” by […]

Sounds Like!(5/18/2016)

Homonym: “Red”, by King Crimson & “Red”, by Okkervil River First, a caveat: this isn’t the video you really need to see for this song, but the original material is pretty well scrubbed off the internet. So here you go: Why not this video? Because it is the 90’s band, still looking and sounding pretty […]

Letters Of Note:5/17/2016

Birthday Power Quartet Of The Day: Jim Moginie(1956, Midnight Oil mainly but try his weirdo album, The Blessing, he made with some flute player named Andy Richardson that goes by “Howlin’ Wind”…I know, just try it) on guitar, Mark Mothersbaugh(1950, Devo) on drum machine/mechanical percussion, Martika(1969, Kids Incorporated), and Rick Wakeman(1949, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe) […]

Letters Of Note:5/16/2016

Birthday Power Trio Of The Day: Robert Fripp(1946, of various fames) on guitar, Krist Novoselic(1965, of Nirvana) on bass, and Billy Cobham(1944, associated with various funky people, but my heart wants to remind you that he played on the Shaft soundtrack) on drums. This would work! Maybe! If no one’s egos clashed! Maybe not! Damn […]